Developing alongside this visual communicative path is an ability for visionary insights. A daily routine of writing up my insights which appear in my mind vision. My eyesight is the same as everyone else’s on a day-to-day level. I had no experiences of anything ‘other-worldly’ I was aware of until I was thirteen on a family holiday. But the big turning point came when my father died very suddenly and a few months later started appearing to me in my mind visions and talking to me. It seemed very natural and so he and many other ‘visitors’ kickstarted an entirely new way of life. Steadily it has grown into a daily way of life and a practical vocation.

The information has proved most educational on a whole range of areas, particularly on the law of negativity and attraction and responsibility for creation. It gives me a truth about many situations, often in advance of the experience. I have learned much about the complexities of multi-dimensional parallel lives and universes. This gives me a more complete whole picture of reality rather than a partial one viewed from one perspective alone. This year has proved a turning point and will lead me to working on some remarkable cases in the near future.It has taken time and experience and a lot of questions to establish how this whole connection works personally for me.

There are exceptions, and about 25% of the information does not belong here, it is usually very detailed but entirely ‘wrong’ for this reality and when this first happened I was quick to question the discrepancies. I was shown that the answer was quite simply – we live a multi-dimensional, multi-universal existence and we have many variants and outcomes of our lives and we naturally pick up these to keep ourselves wholly/holy informed. To live at a complete level of reality rather than a partial one is the aim. Each of these variants affects and is relative to the other. Once I was satisfied with this, I could concentrate and trust the remainder of the communications. I have had many messages confirming this path is my natural one. It is an area that neatly links all my work as a painter, writer, and my work on historical lifestyles: all leading me to become a communicator and to link the many dimensions.

Patience was a challenge for me, but that time is drawing to a close and the future active work looks to be extremely interesting. It seems to suggest that I will work eventually with the police on cases of many kinds, which should be ideal for my speciality.