Historic Image Library

Ancestry.co.uk for 2014-15 have renewed their usage of my images for their media and website campaign, agents: Mary Evans Picture Library. New material is gradually added to my collection, with the support of wider suppliers.

• 2013 Costume research for ‘Breathless’, a new hospital TV series • Picture research, 1940s costume reference, for ‘Restless’ television drama by William Boyd both for costume designer: Charlotte Holdich.

• 2010 Penguin Classics Publishers: credit for cover design Vile Bodies (illustrated right) by Evelyn Waugh © Vanessa Wagstaff/Mary Evans Picture Library • 2008 Consultant picture researcher, period: 1790–1835, on the BBC’s new costume drama of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, for Rosalind Ebbutt.

1914, mother and child on ship

Mary Evans Picture Library: www.maryevans.com represent a larger portion of my collection. Publishers and TV companies have proved regular users and Mary Evans have made a success of the collection.

The Times Newspaper 2007, obituary of Carla Thorneycroft.

• 2005 Consultant and supplier of scans and images for Harper Collins publishers of the dust-jacket designs of Agatha Christie; British first editions 1926–1976, for facsimile publications of her novels.

• 2003-4 Agatha Christie, A Reader’s Companion, Aurum Press, 224 images. aerial views of Burgh Island, historic lifestyle from 1900. Dress, interiors, typewriters, beaches, Middle East (Agatha Christie Archive at the British Museum), medicines, first editions of her murder mysteries.


• research for productions: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd; 1930s• Lord Edgware Dies, Carnival films, 1930s • Murder in Mesopotamia; 1930s • Evil Under the Sun. • Love in a Cold Climate for Mike O’Neil; 1930s • Sherlock Holmes, for Sarah Grundy; 1880s • Celia Barnett: Beyond Borders films; modern design research.

The collection of images evolved from the considerable family archive of another era and lifestyle, whilst studying the genealogy. Having studied theatre and costume design I realised the value of casual everyday lifestyle and dress in different centuries. Many months were spent scanning and copying the images ready for submission.

1928 society friends and car