Art Gallery

This edited selection of works, (I have many more which have been slowly edited out to make room for the best works)…. past and more recent, are of varied media: watercolours on paper, and oils mainly on board or canvas board, a few on stretched linen. Most painted works are created in the studio which allow for deeper imaginative creative exploration. The oils price range from £100-800, some sell for £1300. Watercolours range £150 up to – £700 for larger. Please enquire for availability, sizes if required, individual quotes and postal arrangement if you are interested in purchasing any works. I don’t use paypal. I tend to keep my sketches on paper for future inspiration. If you send in your email, I can keep you informed of any exhibitions/venues where my selected work can be seen.

My philosophy of painting is to develop the journey from a figurative basis then to move forward towards an abstracted finish.