Art Gallery

  • Palazzo facade, north grand canal, Venice. watercolour, pastel on paper, 17 x 12 inches.

The works below are of varied media: watercolours on paper, and oils mainly on board. A few are on canvas. The majority of oils are A1 or A2 in size and the watercolours, A3 or A2. Some conte drawings are done on site, but most works are created in the studio which allow for deeper creative exploration. The oils price range from £250-800, some sell for £1300. Watercolours and sketches range £50 (for small works), up to – £300 for larger. Please enquire for availability, individual quotes and postal arrangement if you are interested in purchasing any works. Private collection/sold are not available. Prints on quality paper, can be ordered for much of the work, approximately from £40-60, signed. Enquire for individual quotes. Paintings are now signed with my current, informal name of Vanessa Innes-Wagstaff. 

My philosophy of painting is to develop the journey from a figurative basis to familiarise myself with the subject, then to move forward towards an emotional and abstraction of finish. This is then able to bring the viewer through the circle of merely technical mirroring to forward to an expressionistic and dramatic experience of the scene. At present I am working on Venetian scenes in water-based media, to blend the man-made with the power of nature, buildings sinking into water. Do browse my Exhibition and Biography page for further details.