Hello and welcome to my website: where I share my work and the creative side of my life with fellow enthusiasts! My output today is a blend of the visual and communicative, spanning the fine arts with technology, combined with a love of landscape and countryside.

Painting has long since been the backbone of my creative work. This year I am returning to oils and pastel on paper. Rural England provides me with refreshing new material for creativity and imaginative development.

Events have taken an unprecedented direction highlighting many issues for the nation. For the creative, now seems a good time to revive the humble sketch and ‘make do’ with local inspiration as well as in the home. My autumn post researches my experiences on this quest which is still relevant in this new year. Please enjoy exploring my work on the links provided throughout my site.

Vanessa Innes-Wagstaff.

Detail of Moody blue grey skies, oil on canvas 14 x 10 inches.

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